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Please contact the Pro Shop on 01928 722 021 (opt 2) for up to date course status. The club also has a dedicated weather line which can be reached on 01928 723 063.

From Mon 9th Oct 2017 the following Winter Playing Conditions will be in operation:

Preferred Lies
Preferred lies through the green; when placing, the ball must be placed within 6” no nearer the hole.

“Through the green” is the whole area of the course except, a. the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played; and, b. All hazards on the course"

In addition, if a ball finishes in a bunker, the ball may be lifted, cleaned, the sand raked, and the ball preferred as close as possible to its original position.

Attending the Flagstick
Attending the flag stick is not permitted. Players may putt on the green with the flag stick either in or out. If a player’s ball strikes the flag stick when putting from on the putting surface there will be no penalty.

Orange Posts
Please do not take trolleys/buggies inside the marked areas around the surrounds of each green, park them next to the adjacent Orange Post.

Tees of the day are blue tees for gents and red tees for ladies.

HGC M&H Committee & Greens Committee

Course Status
Currently open
21.03.2018 07:38
***ALL TROLLEYS MUST HAVE HEDGEHOG/WINTER WHEELS, SINGLE SEAT RIDE ON BUGGIES PERMITTED, 2 SEAT BUGGIES NOT PERMITTED*** 18 holes open, full greens, preferred lies through the green Please make every effort to carry where possible