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Helsby Golf Club
Towers Lane

Tel: 01928 722021

Kieran McCabe
Club Secretary
01928 722021 (Option 1)
Chris Cousins
PGA Professional
01928 722021 (Option 2)
Rob Kirk
Clubhouse Supervisor
01928 722021 (Option 4)

Dave Brinkley
Chef - Catering
01928 722021 (Option 5)

Weather Line (Ansaphone)
01928 723063

Phone this number for the latest update on course conditions. Updated daily.
Course Status
Currently open
19.08.2020 09:48
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18 holes open ***Local Rules*** Flagstick The ball is to be considered holed if the ball is at rest in the cup and if any part of it is below the surface of the putting green, even if not lodged against the flagstick. Bunkers If a ball comes to rest in any bunker, the player may lift, clean and place their ball no more than 6” from its original position no nearer the hole, please note that the area around the ball cannot be “smoothed” before placing.