How To Join

Helsby Golf Club has an active membership of around 550 members.  It is a very friendly club and we welcome new applications from all sections – Men’s, Ladies’ and Juniors’.

Full membership – giving year round access to all of the club’s facilities with unlimited golf – costs less than £18 per week.

We also have special deals to suit the pockets of Junior, Student and Younger members.

Please CLICK HERE to download an application form. Once completed please return to the golf club or e-mail a copy to

Membership Information 2019/20


Join 1st Jan 2019 and get 3 months (Jan-Mar) FREE OF CHARGE

Both Ladies and Gentlemen are classed as full members of the club providing they pay the full members annual subscription of £931. The subscription year is 1st April to 31st March; you pay a pro rata subscription if you join part way through this period.

We have a 5-Day Membership category, which allows for golf Monday to Friday but not at the weekends. The annual subscription is £731.

You can now join Helsby Golf Club for a two month, risk free taster period where you will be able to play unlimited golf with the exception of official club competitions. In addition, you will have the use of all club facilities and be entitled to the members’ bar discount. All this for only £150. This offer is only open to new members and can only be done once. 

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP (under 18 years old).
Junior membership is available to those under the age of 18.

Junior Academy£34 per year *
4 to 7 years old£71 per year *
8 to 12 years old£106 per year *
13 to 15 years old£129 per year *
16 to 18 years old£153 per year *

* If one parent is a member of the club, the subscription rate is 50%. If both parents are members of the club, Junior membership is free up to the age of 15.

YOUNGER MEMBERSHIP (age 18 up to and including 29)
We recognise the special pressures on younger persons as they strive to balance golf with their careers, young families and getting on the property ladder. Men and women in the age range 18 to 29 inclusive can now enjoy membership of the club – with full member benefits such as bar discount, members’ reduction for visitor fees and full social activities.- with reduced subscription as follows:-

19 to 21 years old£279 per year
22 to 25 years old£465 per year
26 to 29 years old£699 per year

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP (ages 18 up to and including 29).
Student membership is available to those in the age range 18 up to and including 29 who are in full time education and living away from home. Annual subscriptions are as follows:

18 to 21 years old£136 per year
22 to 25 years old£234 per year
26 to 29 years old£349 per year

Partners of Full Members become Social Members of the club in their own right.

Membership for children aged 15 and below is now free if both parents and guardians are Full Members.Where only one parent or guardian is a Full Member, the reduction for children aged 15 and below is 50%.


We recognise that for many active sports people, golf is not currently their primary sport but it may become more so.

Associate Membership is now available to existing members of local sports clubs, who are either existing golfers or are willing to take an introductory course of lessons, and provides a number of benefits:-
  • Play unlimited social golf for 6 months of the year (Oct – Mar or Apr – Sep).
  • Enter club competitions if there are vacancies on competition start sheets three days before the competition.
  • Share in all member benefits such as bar discount, members’ reduction for visitor fees and full social activities.
  • Pay for only 6 months membership.
Cost Apr – Sep: £100 + 50% of Full Membership subscription.
Cost Oct – Mar: £100 + 28% of Full Membership subscription.

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